A funny thing happened …

This is a BLM branded mare I purchased for $75.00 from an auction house in southern Oregon. She had had 2 foals from a foundation QH stallion. The 5 month old filly and the yearling filly sold for between $50-$60 dollars each. They both favored their dam with their coloring and markings, and the yearling filly was already the same size, or bigger then her dam.

These 4 horses were all sharing the same pasture. The owner could no longer afford to feed any of them so they ended up at an auction. She had wanted to get $200 for them each but had no luck. I almost bought the youngest filly before the sale – asking the owner if she would take $125. She said maybe. But after flip flopping like I do so much, I decided to wait till the auction started because I’ve never experienced an auction in the flesh before.

It was very difficult for me to try to figure out what the auctioneer was babbling. My brain just could not keep up with what my ears were hearing. It was high speed gibberish with an occasional number thrown in. I think I might have even bid against myself when the mare was in the ring. But to be honest I don’t know!

I knew the youngsters would probably have a better chance at finding hopefully good and safe homes because they were in excellent health and were beautifully marked. Just needed ground work and handling.

The Dam was underweight, had dirt crusted around both eyes, is in need of a hoof trim, and needs to learn to trust people. I got her to take half of a large carrot from my hand this morning – but she refused carrots from my hand later. She would only eat them if I dropped them on her hay.

God only knows when she had her last good meal before she came home with me. Her gut sounds were loud and gurgly and she is gassy. I thought she would have the runs, but she didn’t. She was probably just mad hungry and stressed. There is no sign of worms in her manure but a friend did find a tiny little piece of red glass or plastic in a manure ball.

I don’t recall her old name. There was no BLM paperwork with her as she’s been off the range for years and years. Her tag # was 333. And while the sticker is still on her flank, her new name is Feather Lady.

At one point years and years ago she was used for riding. But whether she will remain with me, or just be a rescue/rehab project is undetermined at this point.But I know I can put her back on the right path to good health and to trusting people again.

She needs groceries. She needs groundwork. She needs to learn to trust.

My 12 year old TWH gelding is not even 6 months into his rehab yet. He has navicular, worse on the left then on the right, low ringbone on the left front, locking stifles in the back – although that seems to have improved. He wears pads and corrective shoes in front, and will be starting Cosequin ASU supplements tomorrow.  I knew he had issues when I bought him for $200. But he is with me for life. His puppy dog personality, and character I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.

I love you Cash, and I love you Feather.


To be continued…


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