I spent an hour this afternoon petting, talking to, and combing out Feather’s mane and forelock. Her mane had one snarl in it, but overall wasn’t bad at all. It’s very long and very thick.

She doesn’t seem to know how to pick up her feet for cleaning. Definitely need to work on that as I would like to have her feet trimmed when Cash has his trimmed next, which is the middle of next month. She will let you touch and scratch her entire leg, and even shifts her weight – but you cannot hold onto her leg once she picks it up because she wants to go forward a step. It’s not like you have her hoof in your hands and are cleaning it, then she pulls away. She immediately pulls away as soon as she lifts her foot up.

If she is ready when the farrier comes out next great, if not, I will just work with her more.

She weighs about 850 pounds.




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