Feather is coming along wonderfully. I am working with her twice a day on teaching her to lift up her hooves for cleaning, and having her stand still when I do so. There is already a big improvement on her left front on picking it up and letting me hold it instead of lifting it and wanting to paddle the air until she can put it down again – which is less then a second at this point.

BUT the second session today went even better. I actually got her left hoof up and was able to hold it for maybe a second and take three quick swipes with the hoof pick before putting it down.

With her right front she wants to lift it up and step forward, or move it out to the side into you before putting it down.

She is eating and drinking good and today was the first day that we fed her an extra flake this evening. She had only been getting fed 2 flakes per day and was barely cleaning those up. So that’s another good sign.

She is 15 hands and weighs about 850 pounds.


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