Still having freezing cold weather out here. I have been treating Feather’s double eye infection and there is less drainage and redness thank goodness. It was getting pretty darn disgusting. She has been very good at letting me halter her to treat her eyes.

When she first came here she was around 850 pounds. I weighed her yesterday and she is over 900 pounds now. She has gained 50 + pounds! and definitely needed every single one. But she needs to gain more because I can still feel all of her ribs.



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2 responses to “02/22/11

  1. mariah

    just a piece of advice – you should not get her weight to a point where you can’t feel her ribs… a horse where you have to press to feel the ribs is classified as overweight according to the body condition chart. keep up the great work!!!

    • Thanks Mariah! When I take my horses to the vet I will ask what they think about her body condition and how much more she might need to gain. At this point I can still feel them fairly easily. But she is looking better every day.

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