The sun has been shining the last few days but we still have lots of snow on the ground. Today I was able to spend more time with Feather outside. She will remain in the round pen until her eye infection is gone and I feel confident that I will be able to catch her once she is turned out on the 22 acres. I also want to see how she will get along with the other horses and plan on introducing them one by one once she is better.

I am not in a hurry though, and since Cash is lame, I don’t want to risk him getting too wound up. When the time comes to turn Feather out with the others, I might put Cash in the round pen until all the mares sort things out and settle down.

Today I worked with Feather on just approaching her, petting her all over her head, stroking her face, etc. I brushed her mane out, but after a few strokes, she kept moving away, but I kept following her and finally finished. Yes, I could have caught her first, but I want her to trust me and know that she can be loved on and groomed without feeling haltered and confined and FORCED to take it. I want her to learn to love being with me without fear of punishment or abuse.

After a bit I did halter her and bring her out so I could clean up her pen. She is getting better at accepting me carrying her halter and lead rope towards and around her, and doesn’t immediately move away from me like she dreads what might happen if the stuff even touches her.

When I was finished with her pen I groomed her a bit, cleaned all 4 hooves out, put more medicine in her eyes and put her away.

Weather permitting she and Cash will both be going to the vet this week, and she will be getting trimmed this Friday.


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