Rain. Hail. Snow. High winds. We had a brief period of snow this afternoon but the blue sky wasn’t far away and it soon stopped. But it’s been pretty cold! Too cold to mess around outside more than necessary.

I sure hope we get some nice weather soon.

I was able to work with Feather a bit in the round pen today. It was pretty slick. No joining up yet. She did a lot of that low, rumbly snorting sound. Bucked once which is fine if a horse is feeling good, but not when she aims her kick at me. So I made her keep going and made her change directions several times.

On the plus side of things. We are setting up a bigger area for Feather to run around in. She isn’t ready for the big pasture yet, but this will give her more room, and free up the round pen for training and riding.

I can’t wait till it’s completed. From there, she will eventually be moved into the big pasture with the others and we will use that corral for an obstacle course, etc.


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