03.27.11 & 03.28.11

So…..I wonder if this blasted snow is ever going to stop. It’s really getting old. Not that I can do anything about it. But the dogs sure love it!
Just too damn cold to do anything!


I saw Dusty do something funny this afternoon. Brassy was laying down and Dusty had one of her front legs on Brassy’s hind end and was just standing there. Dusty didn’t move away until Brassy let out a squeal and started to get up. Then away she went.

Feather now weighs 930 pounds. But she is still needing to gain more. Her ribs can still be felt and her hip bones still stick out. And, her eyes were looking better. Especially her left eye. The green drainage stopped, the enlarged gland, whatever it is went back to a normal size. But now it is large again and she is getting lots of mucus in her eye. It’s not green, but there is a lot of it. So I am back to cleaning her eye out and putting more of the ointment in.

I don’t know if this is some infection still, or she has an allergy or something more serious like the vet hinted at. I know this constant cold weather is not helping though. And the more I have to clean and medicate her eyes the more resistant she is getting about them being messed with. Makes things harder on me but I can’t blame her at all.
Just going to keep medicating her eye for the time being.


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