Not 100 % there yet but Feather is doing much better with respecting me during lunging. We made a deal – I don’t keep pushing her when she is already doing what I want, and she doesn’t charge me or try to kick me. Working pretty good so far.

I bought her a fly mask and although it ended up being too small – it took several minutes of trying just to slowly drape it over her ears. I can touch the backs of her ears without too much trouble but she really doesn’t like them messed with and touching the inside of them is still not happening.

She is now 959 pounds. An increase of 112 pounds since arriving here in January. Still looks a bit thin but maybe that is partially because she has had 2 foals in the past that I know of, so perhaps she has bad posture. Either that or she is in foal again. I am hoping not. She doesn’t have worms. So I am hoping she just has a large looking middle section because of her prior broodmare status.

She was tied when we went to check her weight, I was on one side, Chuck was on the other and she had a slight meltdown. She started pulling on the lead rope trying to get away. Thankfully it held, and she calmed down. She knows both of us, and she knows the measuring tape – so who knows.

We moved her into a larger pasture several days ago. Cash is in with her twice a day for 2-3 hours each time for feeding, then he is in her old paddock, not only to keep his shoes on, but to monitor his weight. He got a little heavier being able to eat non stop out in the big pasture and he seems to be favoring his left front more.

Whether she will ever be ridden by either of us is undetermined. She can be a bit over reactive to things. She doesn’t like her mouth messed with, or her ears for the most part. Once I am sure she is not in foal, I might begin looking for a new home for her. No rush at this point. She will not end up back in an auction house.

So his time spent eating is being controlled and I am now hooking him up to the ATV and taking him down the road we live on a little ways as there is a slight hill I can take him up and down to hopefully stretch and strengthen his stifle joints. He is really respectful on the lead rope and is totally comfortable being led from a quad so it’s absolutely a great way to get him some much needed exercise. It’s necessary to do this to help his stifle joints, but give him a small work out to help him get back into shape. But I also can’t do too much because it makes him off more on his left front. Kind of damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

But he is, and always will be worth it. Always. He is so sweet, and funny, I just love looking at him. Maybe someday if he gets more comfortable I will teach him to drive and maybe invest in a harness and some materials to make my own little wheeled cart and I can teach him to drive.


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