Lately I have just let Feather be. I don’t do anything but sit and spend some time with her as she eats, occasionally petting her face if she is within reach. I haven’t lunged her, tied her up for grooming, or sacked her out.

When I groom her I throw a lead rope over her neck and just hold it as I brush her. That is what I did yesterday. I groomed her, cleaned her hooves, combed out her mane and forelock, gently rubbed the backs of her ears, rubbed her face, scratched her withers and neck. Then released her.

She doesn’t trust easily, doesn’t trust me yet. She tolerates things. it’s slightly easier to catch her but I can see her eyes change. They get hard. Whatever happened to her in the past didn’t do much to show her that people aren’t all bad. People can offer good things, good rewards.

I can suspect she could have been roped, had her ears twisted, had a bit shoved in her mouth, been kicked and spurred and beat: But I will never be able to know for sure. Speculation is just that.

Her right ear is slightly bent over at the tip so perhaps she doesn’t care for her ears being messed with because another horse once bit one of them. Perhaps before she was adopted from the BLM at 1-2 years of age she was already set in her ways about not wanting her mouth messed with. Again – guessing is all I can do.

Her ears, and teeth were checked earlier this year so it couldn’t be something physically wrong. Perhaps a session or two with an equine body worker might come into play at some point just in case she is out of adjustment some where.

I can’t afford an ultrasound for her but there is a chance she could be in foal – I suppose in a month or two I will know for sure!

She is currently now 988 pounds and still gaining.


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