06.26.11 and 06.27.11


  • I worked on brushing her face and the backs of her ears, and a few times touched inside of the tops of her ears quickly, she is not very receptive yet to having the inside of her ears handled whatsoever.
  • I worked on putting and taking off a saddle, flapping the stirrups, moving the saddle back and forth.
  • I worked on standing on the side of the round pen, and petting Feather on her head, neck, back as she stood next to me, and half leaning on one side of her back for brief periods while still petting her. She is still a bit uncomfortable having someone higher then her but I do feel she is beginning to trust me a little more. Eventually I want to be able to have her stand parallel to the round pen while I am at the very top petting her all over and not have her shy away.
  • I put on and took off a spare mechanical hackamore with reins to get her used to the feel of it. It was a little tricky getting it over her nose and ears but we got there. I walked her around the round pen, directing her only with the reins.
  • I worked on having her go over, around, and under the obstacles in our play pen. The hanging pool noodles still worries her a bit.
  • I introduced her briefly to line driving.

When I was done, I turned her out in the small pasture to let her graze for an hour. Heading out to catch her, I grabbed a carrot and tried approaching her 3-4 times only to have her repeatedly move off, even going so far as to turn her rear towards me. All I could do was break the carrot in half, back off a bit, and hurl it at her butt. It bounced up near her front legs so she went to reach for her and I threw the second half of the carrot at her rear. No treats for naughty horses!



  • I worked on sending her under the pool noodles by herself. I only sent her through 2 times on each side to keep it short and sweet. I sent her over the platform in each direction, asked her to walk through the tractor tire, and sent her over the lodgepole at a trot – still working on it but she did jump it. She is still a bit clumsy going over it at the walk.
  • I asked her to go up the platform and stop in the middle. Same with the tractor tire.
  • We worked on having her trot alongside me as I ran, still needs work as this was the first time I asked her to increase her gait while being led. She is game though.

I believe keeping each session to an hour with a lot of variety thrown in will keep things interesting and more fun for both of us. She continues to gain much needed weight.


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