Lots to catch up on! Not even sure where to begin. Yikes!

I still take her into the round pen when it is available to work with her on voice commands, direction changes, and stopping, ground and line driving. Other times I work with her in her paddock.

A few weeks ago I took her into the RP and, after lining her up next to the rails, I sat on her bareback. But yes, one foot and one hand were on the rails. Overly cautious on my part but I am in no rush to get on her back without a safety line <a round pen rail> within grasp. When I feel she is ready, focused on me, and calm, then I will get all the way on her back, with my roommate holding the lead rope just in case there is some explosion. If that goes well, then I will take the lead rope, tell him to stay close, then ride her in the round pen by myself.

But again, I am in no hurry at all. It will happen, or it won’t.

On July 26th she apparently laid down by the field fencing, rolled over I guess?, and got her right hind and right front hooves through part of it. Two different sections of it were bent with broken strips of metal. She had some small lacerations on her right hind with some swelling. I saw no signs of injury to her right front, or other legs. After running cold water over it for 3 days and treating the cuts, the swelling was gone. She is a lucky horse! If her leg would have been caught up higher she very easily could have lacerated the large blood vein and bled to death in the night.


Lucky lucky horse!


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