Feather had a major episode of ‘run for your life!’ when someone rode by on their bicycle, silent, quick moving monster that it was. She turned and fled in absolute terror towards the opposite end of her paddock, tried but didn’t quite make the jump over the fence, crashed through a section of it, and broke off a wooden post before continuing on her wild dash to safety.

Thankfully she was not seriously injured, and it didn’t take long to get a halter on her. Eventually the guy rode back by but I had taken her around the house so she couldn’t completely see him.

That was just way too much, too soon. Some neighbors also drove by with their cart and Fjord pony and that amped her up again but not nearly as bad as the bicycle. Nevertheless she was trembling all over and it took a bit to get her settled down. Not wanting to have another event like that occur, possibly when no one was home, I put her back into the round pen.

A bike to use and ride around on to desensitize all the horses with is definitely on the must have list.

Other than that, things have been progressing nicely. Since my last blog, I have had her saddled, and either my roommate or I leaned across her back and was led around, from there we climbed on up into the saddle as she was led around, then I got on her while she was led around briefly, before I took control of her myself but my roommate stayed close just in case.





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